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Ventilation: In-take & Exhaust

We all know the importance of ventilation during the summer months. Trapped heat in the attic makes your home uncomfortable and causes your air conditioner to work over-time. It can also cause your roof to prematurely age.

Attic VentilationAnd yes, we need to be aware of proper ventilation in the winter months as well. Ventilation is very important providing the comfort and protection we all want and need in our homes. Once the heat within your home rises and passes through the attic insulation you have obtained the heat's usefulness. The problem arises when this used warm heat, which contains moisture from cooking and bathing, reaches the cold winter attic air space. As you know, when cold air meets warm moist air without air movement, condensation occurs. Attic condensation results in wet insulation, which just like wet clothing is ineffective at keeping you warm. Wet insulation allows heat to escape through the attic. It is almost as bad as leaving your door open in the winter, which results in a terrible waste of money and energy. Moisture is also a primary cause of peeling paint, cracks in ceiling, mold and even buckling and rotting of wood.

There are two sources of ventilation, in-take and exhaust. Generally in-take ventilation is created along soffit and eaves of home. Exhaust ventilation is near the peak of roof or at the gables of home. Most manufacturers of shingles, insulation and paint require there to be one square foot of ventilation for every 300 square foot of attic space. One half of this vent area should be in-take ventilation and the other half exhaust.

Soffit Baffles:
Proper design of attic ventilation requires a balance between lower intake and upper exhaust. When retrofitting homes with increased insulation, the installation of baffles may be needed to allow air movement from intake to assist in exhausting attic temperature and moisture.

So this winter, protect and ventilate your home with Ray St. Clair's full line of ventilation products which will conserve energy and save money all year long! Call 874-1234 for a free estimate!

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