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Aluminum Seamless Gutters by PlyGem

Mastic Home Exteriors At Ray St. Clair Roofing we are the experts in roofing gutter care. We machine form each run of seamless gutters on location using an enclosed truck or trailer housing a mounted gutter machine. We install PLY GEM Mastic .032 gauge, 6" aluminum gutter materials. This is the heaviest gauge aluminum residential gutter made. Ply Gem New Gutter Systems come with our three (3) year workmanship warranty.

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Our professional installers field fabricate each individual inside or outside miter, which are found at the corners of your gutter. All miters are pop-riveted at seams prior to sealing. Do not compromise for pre-made miter boxes or miter straps on your gutter installation. This is a sign of inexperienced installers, not to mention unsightly seams at miter locations that will eventually leak.


Fastening of Gutters

Your home's gutter system is only as good as the proper fasteners supporting it. We secure our gutters using a heavy gauge 6" aluminum hidden hanger. This hanger locks beneath the inside opening of the gutter, making it impossible to separate and also to be seen. Each hidden hanger is fastened where it meets the rear of the gutter using an aluminum 2-1/2" screw with rubber grommet. This screw penetrates through your fascia board and into the roof trusses approximately 1-1/2". We install these hidden hangers a maximum of 32" apart for superior securement. We also fasten the back of the gutter between hangers every four to six feet using the same aluminum screw.


Sealing of Seams, Endcaps and Outlet Tubes

Ray St. Clair Roofing seals all miters, endcaps and outlet tubes using Karnak elastomeric Karna-Flex metal seam sealer and a woven polyester fabric. This sealant will remain flexible for years, reducing frequent resealing of these areas.


Specialty Gutter/Box Gutters (Historical Homes)

We can even enhance the integrity of your home with the installation of copper, galvanized and shop-made custom gutters. We can restore your present gutter system to its original design. We also specialize in historical restoration projects. We are one of the few companies that offer professional relining of box gutters, using a variety of metals. We fabricate all box gutter liners at the job site with seams pop riveted and soldered.

Specialty Gutter and Box Gutters Pop riveted seam ready to solder Shop - built copper gutters Box Gutter Seam Box Gutter Outlet Shop - built copper gutters