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Gutter Helmet

The First. The Best.
The #1 Gutter Protection System in the World

Get off the ladder! Stop cleaning out those gutters! There are lots of gutter protection systems on the market and more popping up everyday. Why should you choose Gutter Helmet?

"The Innovator, Not the Imitator"

Gutter HelmetGutter Helmet® was the first product ever brought to market, over 25 years ago. This product is undisputedly the #1 gutter protection system in North America! It is distributed in the US and Canada. There are currently more than 80 million feet of Gutter Helmet installed across the country.

Gutter Helmet is backed by a "double lifetime" warranty. Not only do you receive a written warranty from Gibraltar Industries, a 35 year old, $1.5 billion manufacturer of building products that operates 61 facilities in 25 states and Canada, but Ray St. Clair Roofing also backs this life time transferable limited warranty. Keep in mind that a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up!

Gutter Helmet has a patented PermaLife™ coating that will never fade, never chalk and is not affected by corrosive acid rain. This is a Teflon-like coating, NOT a polyester or baked-on enamel finish that is found on most other products. Polyester is only recommended in most cases for limited exterior use.

Gutter Helmet has been installed on more homes than all of our competitors combined! At Ray St. Clair, we take pride in our highly trained installation team. The job is done in a timely fashion, and in most cases just one day. Your yard is always left clean of all job-related debris.

Contrary to what our friendly competitors would have you believe, Gutter Helmet will NOT void your roof warranty. Remember that first and foremost, we are a 60-year-old experienced roofing company serving all of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and SE Indiana. We would never compromise the integrity of your home's most important protection—your roof. Your Gutter Helmet warranty is also transferable to the next homeowner.

The Secret of Success: Surface Tension!

Surface Tension is the property that makes water cling when it spills down the side of a glass. Water clings to Gutter Helmet and flows nicely into your gutters while debris falls away. Unique water adherent coatings, as well as the patented surface design, allow Gutter Helmet to handle rainfall of 22 inches an hour!

Call Ray St. Clair Roofing today to find out if Gutter Helmet will work for you and start enjoying the benefits of never having to clean your gutters again!

For more information on Gutter Helmet, visit their website at www.gutterhelmet.com

Please call Ray St. Clair Roofing to answer or address any thought or concerns that you may have as you make your choice.

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Cleaning

Just a reminder Ray St. Clair Roofing provides gutter cleaning if gutter protection is not an option for your home at this time. Call us at 513-874-1234.