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Commercial Roofing and Repairs

Ray St. Clair Roofing has a full-time Commercial Roofing Staff trained to handle all of your commercial repair or replacement needs. We specialize in several low slope and/or flat roof applications. We are certified and follow all specifications set forth by all of the leading commercial manufacturers.

If you are running into the same roofing issues year after year—with the same run-around and explanation and no results—we strongly encourage you to allow us the opportunity to be considered and called upon as your "vendor of choice" for any and all commercial roofing and gutter needs now and in the future with your organization.

Ray St. Clair Roofing specializes in spec design of custom tapered roofing insulation systems to help deter ponding water and degrading of membrane roof systems.

We can also offer customized maintenance programs that can be tailored to your specific roofing needs. Allow us to come out and introduce our team to you.

Call us today at 513-874-1234 and ask for Dan!

Case Studies


RSC had the opportunity to repair and replace an existing pvc roof for Skyline which had been a continuous roofing problem that they were dealing with this year. Their roof was suffering with multiple leaks and it was now time to replace it. RSC installed a 1.5" ISO board insulation with tapered saddles to improve drainage as well as installed a Carlisle Sure Weld .060 TPO (Thermal Plastic) Membrane System (color-white) complete with all new metal parapet cap to their roof area—problem solved!

Skyline Roof Repairs

Church of Christ

Ray St. Clair was contracted to remove one layer of asphalt shingles from the Church of Christ, as well as remove and replace the damaged areas of tectum plank decking. We then installed an insulated and ventilated nail board system followed by Certainteed Five Star Landmark Pro-Shingle Roofing System.

Church of Christ Roof Repairs

Cheviot Fieldhouse and Grandstand

RSC partnering with P&G and the Cincinnati Reds supported the West Side Community as Cheviot Fieldhouse and Grandstand were the winners of the second annual Home Field Makeover contest. RSC employees single-handedly provided the labor to tear off all the old shingles, replaced any and all old wood surfaces to many areas of this 1930's grandstand and re-roofed the entire 3780 sq ft roof area this summer. Corkin Steel and Metal Sales Mfg. supported RSC in this endeavor in providing a new metal roof for this facility that should last a life time. To read more, please click here for more project information.

Cheviot Fieldhouse Repairs


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Temporary repair
being made on roof

Membrane being
adhered over

Crane loading
roofing materials

Tapered insulation
installed before