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The Chimney Experts: Repair & Rebuilds

Our chimney services are second to none! There is no chimney too tall or too small. At Ray St. Clair we provide a full line of chimney services to meet your needs. These services consist of: flashing, tuck pointing, brick replacement- (which includes firebrick and rebuilds), flue repair and replacement, relining, flue and chimney covers.

Reveal Crown & Water Proofing

We also offer services to help protect and prolong the life of your chimney, minimizing expensive repair costs that could arise. These services are: reveal crowns and waterproofing.

Doesn’t your chimney deserve a roof, just like your home? We think so and that is why we do things the old fashion way. Years ago most of your crowns were poured or pre-poured in a fashion so that the crown would have a reveal of approximately 1-2” on all four sides. Today, most chimney crowns are applied in a tapered fashion which is a cheap and easy way for a contractor to finish your job, but not best option for you the Homeowner. The tapered system will eventually cause deterioration of your brick and mortar joints because it allows the rain water to leach down the chimney, in turn soaking into the brick and mortar joints. These repairs can be very expensive and sometimes even resulting in a total re-build of your chimney. Look at it this way: Imagine your roof. You would want at least a 1-2” overhang on your roof in order to prevent water from running over siding, brick or behind your gutters. The same logic should pertain to your chimney.

Here is how we create that protective reveal crown. First, we remove your present crown on top of your chimney and then we apply an ice-guard water barrier material. A steel form is installed on top of brick ledge, creating a 1 ½” reveal on all four sides of your chimney. Gasket material is applied around all flue penetrations. Reinforced concrete combined with an adhesive is then mixed and poured into a steel form to create a 3” thickness. We allow the crown to cure from 24-48 hours and then the form is removed. Elastomeric caulk then is applied to the flue tile and also where the crown meets brick to prevent leakage and expansion and contraction. We then follow this by applying one coat of crown coat waterproofing material to the crown, filling in any imperfections and also providing protection to the new crown. We then recommend waterproofing the remaining portion of the chimney using a high quality masonry waterproofing.

Doesn’t matter what your repair needs are, Ray St. Clair Roofing has got you covered!

We Are Your Home's Trusted Problem Solver!

Tapered – Chimney repair / Chimney Rebuild / Reveal Crown


Reveal Crown – Chimney repair / Chimney Rebuild / Reveal Crown

Reveal Crown

Copper Chimney Caps – Chimney repair / Chimney Rebuild / Reveal Crown

Copper Chimney Caps

Copper Cupola & Weathervane – Chimney repair / Chimney Rebuild / Reveal Crown

Copper Cupola & Weathervane