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  • "I knew your company was very reputable, so I called you to really fix the problem, which you did."

    I had a very complicated roof problem with the flashing around my dormers on my home. I had another roofing company try to fix it several times but could not solve the leak. I knew your company was very reputable, so I called you to really fix the problem, which you did. Thanks you.

    - Donna M.
  • "I have piece of mind to know this job was done right!"

    Nothing like a new roof to give you that feeling. Richie was awesome, he spent quality time with us during the estimate and provided far more detail and explanation than any other roofer we talked with. The price was slightly higher than competitors, but overall service and value were well worth it.

    - Katie K. / Wyoming (Cincinnati)
  • "I just had to share this with you – and let you know why Ray St. Clair Roofing is the best!"

    We discovered some cracked brick on our home – of course, my first call was to Ray St. Clair Roofing. Dave came to our home – a true professional – took pictures and examined the problem.

    After a week, get this – he called and suggested we call a mason – how about that. What company would ever admit this job wasn’t for them. We did. But we will always make Ray St. Clair Roofing our very first call. We were truly impressed with their honesty.

    - Andy Furman
  • "Thank You for a Job Well Done..."

    Your firm did chimney repair work at our house on Monday, July 16.

    I want to thank your organization for first class work, especially Pete Stark and crew chief Ron. Everyone I interacted with, including your administrative assistant by phone, was very professional and treated me as a highly valued customer. I am completely satisfied and will recommend your firm (the houses in our neighborhood are 100+ years old and owners are always asking for recommendations).

    Pete was very attentive to my questions and needs. He even provided me with his cell phone and indicated he would come the day of the work as I was concerned about what would be necessary. He did exactly as promised and offered sound, practical advice. it was a pleasure and very reassuring to work with an individual of his caliber.

    Ron called me in advance and indicated when he and his crew would arrive. They arrived exactly when they said they would. As the work progressed, I asked questions and what we might do to improve the situation. Ron and his associates listened carefully to my questions, explained things, drew pictures, and made sure I understood and was enrolled in what they recommended. They saved me considerable expense by devising a way of dealing with blockage without having to make an opening in the side of house. They also were extremely polite and sensitive about using booties, being careful, not tracking dirt around, etc.

    Again, thanks to Pete, Ron and his crew, and your organization for being so very professional and making for such a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work.

    - William H.
  • "This type of service doesn’t happen very often in this day and age!"

    Just wanted to write a THANK YOU Note for helping me in a time of need. Last Friday during the rain, I discovered a leak in my kitchen ceiling. I went outside and the roof below the chimney looked strange. I thought the roof had collapsed. I knew Ray St. Clair Roofing had put the roof on in August of 2004, so I gave you a call. Your response was simply spectacular. As I talked to the receptionist, she contacted production for a time frame to get someone out to look at the problem. She then set up an appointment for Gary Davidson to come out and give an estimate on the repairs.

    At about noon, Travis and Mike arrived. In the rain, they repaired the shingles that slid and said the problem should be eliminated. For peace of mind, I still had Gary Davidson come out and examine the roof. He assured me it was good for another 10 years. He is going to give me an estimate on some chimney repairs that are needed.

    This response was unbelievable to me.

    A special thanks to the receptionist. I wish I had her name, to Travis and Mike for their quick work, to Gary Davidson for the follow up and to Ray St. Clair Roofing for the response I received on a 12 year old roof. This type of service doesn’t happen very often in this day and age.

    - Louis J. H. / Cincinnati, OH
  • "Ray St. Clair Roofing far exceeded my expectations during my roofing project."

    Thanks so much for all your help through this process!

    Ray St. Clair Roofing far exceeded my expectations during my roofing project. The workers completed the work quickly and professionally. And, it looks great!

    Rich Columbus walked me through the entire project from initial inspection to quality control after the project. He was always honest and treated me with respect. He provided me his personal cell number and was always available to answer any of my questions.

    In this industry, it was so nice to work with a reputable company that truly cares about its customers! I would recommend Ray St. Clair roofing to anyone with home improvement needs.

    - Jason A. / Cincinnati, OH
  • "What a refreshing change for us, made us feel very comfortable and secure knowing we were dealing with a reputable company. We simply cannot say enough about the experience we had with your company."

    I am writing this letter to express our most sincere gratitude for the exceptional customer service we recently received from every member of your organization we had the opportunity to encounter. The professionalism that was presented by everyone we met was second to none.

    Even though our front porch roof was only nine years old, it had suffered significant water damage due to the original “contractor” using inappropriate construction techniques when he built it. He was referred to us by good friends as a family member who built decks and similar projects “on the side”. After the porch was finished, we were extremely happy and content with the work he performed. After sometime, we were under the impression that it was only the gutter that needed replaced, but soon discovered it would be a great deal more.

    We contacted the “original” contractor in addition to getting estimates from your company, as well as two others. After getting estimates from the three companies and being informed by the original contractor that he was busy and we should go with the lowest of the three estimates which we did, we decided to have your company make the necessary repairs.

    From our first encounter with Ritchie, then Kurt and his crew, Bill from Quality Control, and George with the final inspection, we were thoroughly impressed with each and every encounter we had with everyone in your organization. The time that was taken with us to explain what needed to be done and why, as well as the continual reassurance we had as far as payment arrangements that would be made, made us very comfortable and secure in knowing we were dealing with a reputable company. What a refreshing change that was for us! We simply cannot say enough about the experience we had with your company. I believe it was Ritchie and Kurt who actually apologized for everything we had to go through with the additional cost of correcting the improper techniques and water damage that had been caused. I found myself reassuring them that while the apologies were appreciated, they were not necessary because they were not responsible for the work that was needed to be performed on our home.

    In closing, please pass along our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who was involved in our porch roof rehabilitation. While it might have been a small job for your company, it was a large endeavor for us. We are sincerely grateful and rest assured that we will definitely refer your company to anyone we know who may need a similar repair service.

    - Brad and Vicki B. / Cincinnati, OH
  • "The steps your technicians took while on the job inspired me to tell you how far above and beyond that your employees went to repair my home."

    Dear Sir:

    I want to thank you for the very professional job your crews did when they repaired my chimney, added 12 more inches (R-42) of new ATF cellulose to my insulation and removed and replaced my old roof. All the men that worked on my job were very professional. I especially liked the fact that I had George, my own Quality Control contact person for the job.

    The men who did the chimney repair did a great job! The chimney looks better now than it did when it was new. The bricks used on this repair cannot be distinguished from the ones that were original. The mortar match was perfect. The overhanging crown (reveal crown) that they formed, with concrete not mortar, is much better and stronger than the one that was on top. The old top crown did not protect the bricks at all and was made of mortar and it was cracking.

    The insulation crew installed 60 needed soffit baffles in the eaves. I was told that these allow the roof's hot air to vent out my new roofs crown vent. I am not sure how many insulation companies would have added them to the job. The crew worked on the hottest day of the summer and never complained. Each crew did a super job of cleaning up after the work they did was completed.

    Finally, the crew who removed the replaced my roof: Kurt, Brian, Ryan and Jeremy deserve very special thanks. The weather was bad. It rained almost every day they tried to work on the roof. Each day that it rained they would take their time and make sure the roof was closed before they would leave. They would also make sure no trash or nails were left in the driveway or around the walks and yard. Despite all of that, the roof they installed is beautiful. The chimney flashing is not glued on to the chimney. It is soldered together and nailed to the roof. A coat of waterproof sealing was evenly placed along the seam of the chimney and flashing. Then that was covered with more flashing.

    After the roof was complete, Kurt came back the next day and power washed my driveway of any soiling that the materials left. This action inspired me to tell you how far above and beyond that your employees went to repair my home.

    Thank you for owning and operating a company that still operates on old fashion American principles. Thank you for a job well done.

    Yours truly,

    - Ken W. / Fairfield, OH
  • "Three of our neighbors are going to call Ray St. Clair based upon the quality and professionalism of this crew!"

    Greg—This crew stuck with it through the recent rain and heat and will probably finish off the roof today.

    Three of our neighbors have or are going to call Ray St. Clair based upon the quality and professionalism of this crew. It’s important to recognize that this crew is exceptional. They communicate their activity and timing very well. They work rapidly yet carefully—always roped off, their work appears to be very professional and their clean up each day is superb. We could not be more pleased with them. Our roof looks outstanding. Please recognize this crew of 5 guys for their exceptional work.

    I’d like to get a quote on siding from Ray St. Clair. We need to replace the compressed wood horizontal siding and broad trim. The soffits and area under the gutters is fine. Do you guys install Hardiboard? Let me know who I should contact for a quote on siding.

    - Pete H
  • "RSC exceeded our expectations..."

    We decided to choose RSC due to a recommendation from family, your estimator's explanation and eagerness to answer all my questions and giving suggestions WHEN I asked. I did not feel pushed or rushed for a decision. Gary was our estimator and he was great. And I must admit, Curt and his helper knew what they were doing, took pride in doing it correctly, pleasant to have around. Curt was always willing to explain what they were doing. At the end of the day, they both cleaned up and final cleanup was GREAT!

    - Carolyn (Carol) A. / Loveland, OH
  • "Thanks for making the entire process satisfactory and for a job well done, and at a fair price!"

    Here is the payment owed to you for the repairs to my box gutters, and I would like to say how each of you – from the person who answered the phone when I first called in to every other person involved in this job – each have been professional, timely and courteous!

    Thanks for making the entire process satisfactory and for a job well done, and at a fair price!

    - Philip A. / Glendale, OH
  • "Dena at the front desk and Dale, our quality control rep – good good folks!"

    Dear Kevin:

    I just want to take a moment to tell you how pleased I have been from day one until now with the completion of our porch. We started this process back in November regards to siding our screened In porch. I feel compelled to bring to your attention the excellent and professional service we have had from day one. Darrell Sutton was wonderful to work with. He helped us so much and showed nothing but professionalism and patience. He was a real pleasure to have by our side during the entire installation. I have to mention several people’s names who were also great to work with.

    Dena at the front desk and Dale, our quality control rep – good good folks!

    Last but not least – the crew who took several steps to make sure everything was done in a professional manner. Anthony Russo, Daniel Means, Tim Grissalt and James (did not get his last name) were a great great crew. They were easy to work with and took the time to address every concern I had. They are a really good group of guys. It has been a great experience dealing with your company. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Please pass this along to Dad. Please recognize each one and they deserve the attention.

    Thanks again!

    - Laurie and Rick O’B
  • "We received the quickest and the best response from your company!"

    Dear Mr. St. Clair and Staff

    We have been dealing with many roofing issues stemming from many storms over the past few years and had reached the point where we needed to replace the roof. We contacted several roofers but received the quickest and best response from your company.

    Greg Gray provided a detailed damage assessment/quote that we were able to submit to our insurance company that in the past we have had trouble with and because of his estimate we were able to successfully submit a claim for a roof replacement. Greg patiently took the time to sit with us and explain our options and review the replacement process.

    After submitting the bid for the roof replacement, we encountered a siding issue that Greg also handled for us quickly and efficiently.

    The roofing crew, headed by Tim, arrived bright and early on one of the hottest days of the year and despite the heat put in a full day with no complaints of the work or weather. They completed the job the next day (again, one of the hottest days of the year) again with no complaints of the work or weather. They were quick, professional, knowledgeable, hard working, etc. We can’t say enough about the crew.

    But above all, we were really impressed with the follow up service after the installation of the roof by your quality control representatives – Robert Fitzpatrick and George Manning. Robert pointed out a couple of issues that were of no concern to us; however, he placed the completion of a quality job and our satisfaction above all else.

    Thank you so very much for your company’s dedication to providing a quality service. It’s rare in today’s world to find people who take pride in the job and ensure the customer is satisfied.

    - Mike and Carol H. Hamilton, Ohio
  • "Many Years in Business and Clean BBB Record – made us comfortable to choose Ray St. Clair Roofing..."

    The history of Ray St. Clair Roofing in this area and the clean file with BBB – made it easy for us to choose RSC. You folks quickly helped me out in January 2011 when I had a small leak in the roof, I appreciate everyone I worked with. A special thanks to Anthony Rush, the foreman on my siding job. He communicated with me regularly and set my mind at ease when the rains came but the job wasn’t completed yet! He and his crew did a terrific job.

    - Jane M., Fairfield, OH
  • "Ray St. Clair fixed a bad job done by a different contractor!"

    Ray St. Clair’s quality of work is what lead us to them to repair a bad job done by a different contractor! Thank you for doing the job correctly unlike the first contractor who took my money and left a mess after coming back twice.

    - Gerald C., Greendale, Indiana
  • "I am extremely pleased with the work Derick, Terry, and Rick performed on my chimney and downspout..."

    Just a note to let you know Derick & Rick left about an hour ago, work completed. I am extremely pleased with the Work Derick Terry, and Rick performed on the chimney and downspout.

    Derick was here on Thursday, working alone. He wasted no time in tackling the tuck-pointing on the chimney until he was called To another job.

    The total results are flawless, with precise attention to details. Derick went the extra mile in caulking and painting the flashing around the chimney base and the chimney caps. He even took down the old TV antenna, as it posed a great risk and damage to the roof. I had no idea it was in such poor condition, when I told him just to toss it in the yard and we would deal with it later. It looks like this house has a brand new chimney!

    My late Mother had Ray St. Clair put the roof, new gutters and gutter helmets on the house back in the 1990’s. She taught me to build working relationships with companies she trusted and was satisfied with the work and performance of goods and services. That’s why I called Ray St. Clair Roofing to take care of the chimney and downspout. (Actually, Derick was here 2 years ago to repair the downspout.)

    Again, I am very pleased and delighted with the work and attention to detail that Derick, Terry and Rick provided. I trust you will make copies of this email and place them in their respective personnel files.

    In closing, a CitiRama project is being started across the street from me. I strongly suspect if your company doesn’t get the winning bids, you will definitely be over this way again to clean up and repair the messes left behind!

    Many thanks for a flawless job! Best wishes and continued success in this new year.

    - Sharon K., Cincinnati Northside area
  • "Letter: May 23, 2011 To: Ray St. Clair Roofing..."

    Attention: Kevin St. Clair
    I wanted to write you to share with you how satisfied I am with the work your company performed on my Loveland home. Having a roof replaced was something I had never experienced and candidly, I was concerned about having it done for a number of reasons. First, I have a very steep roof and was most concerned about the safety of the crew working on it. Further, I know that there is a large difference in roofing contractors in terms of the quality of materials they install, quality of installation and likelihood that they will be in business to service any possible warranty or general maintenance issues in future years. Finally, I cannot think of many projects that can have more impact on the appearance of a home than the proper installation of a high quality roofing system.

    None-the-less, the time had arrived to replace my 24 year old roof. For me, the choice of a roofing contractor was actually pretty simple. Everyone I spoke with while doing my research that had experience using Ray St. Clair Company was very positive. So, I contacted your company via your Internet site to request a quotation. Facts are, I didn't get additional quotes because I wanted the best contractor I could find and one that I felt I could trust, not just a contractor who would quote me the lowest price.

    Within 24 hours, your company contacted me and an appointment was established with your estimator, Greg Gray. On his arrival, Greg spent time with my wife and me to be sure he understood exactly what we wanted to achieve on this job. We wanted to upgrade the appearance of our home while at the same time getting a worry free roof and gutter installation. Greg then performed a very detailed estimate including pictures explaining the that would be done which he sent to me within a day after our first meeting. I had follow-up questions so Greg returned and we went over the quote in greater detail. I added a few more details which I had failed to mention in our first meeting and Greg updated the quote. Greg also provided me with shingle and gutter brochures and later with the addresses of recent installations using the materials including the shingle colors that I was interested in seeing.

    I think it is fair to say that my wife and I drove to see well over 30 houses before arriving at the final decision on my roofing shingle manufacturer, color and type. Greg very patiently kept providing me with more completed jobs to view until I was perfectly comfortable with my choices. He encouraged us to go look at the actual installations and that was really an important suggestion. The time we took to actually go look at the completed roof jobs on these houses was important for several reasons. First, every job we looked at was very well done and you could see that there was a consistent level of high quality maintained on each job. Secondly, I found that by actually seeing an installed roof that I was able to more easily see what I liked and didn't like which made it more effective than just looking at shingle colors in a brochure. Finally, in the course of looking at the completed jobs, I was able to speak directly to several homeowners who happened to be in their yards when we drove by to view their roof jobs. Every one of them was very positive about their experience working with your company. Not one single negative from anyone!

    After making my final decisions on shingle color and design, I received a call from Carl Johnson to schedule the work and to establish a staging area for the roofing materials. As you know, we also experienced record rainfall during April 2011 that continued into May. Carl called to inform me any day that his crew was not going to be able to work because of the weather. This was great support from Carl who was also a contact that I could call anytime I had questions at all about the installation.

    The crew that actually worked on my job was just excellent. Led by Jason Abner, they worked safely, neatly and made several important repairs to my roof explaining what they were doing and why. Their attention to these important details and willingness to make the effort to assure a high quality job and satisfied customer was impressive and candidly refreshing. My roof was installed during a very wet time of year but I never experienced a single leak or inconvenience of any kind. The finished job has actually exceeded my expectations and that is not easy as I am a particular person.

    Every single person that I interacted with during this job was polite and helpful from the initial sale to the installation crew.

    Greg Gray's follow-ups with me during and after the sale were always timely and helpful.

    You and your family have done a great job developing and sustaining such a consistent high quality culture in your company. I am sure you know this but your people are all great ambassadors for your company. It is rate to see this and I can only congratulate you for this accomplishment and thank you for making this project a positive experience for my wife and me.

    - Sincerely,
    Jerry F. B.
    Loveland, OH
  • "Your Service Is Excellent in Every Way!"

    Your Service Is Excellent in Every Way! Thank You!

    - Edward W. Cincinnati, OH
  • "Installer did a great job throughout the project!"

    Ray St. Clair Roofing's Reputation is why I chose them for our gutter and drip edge project! Installer did a great job keeping me updated on status throughout the project!

    - Janice U. Cincinnati, OH
  • "We Never Put Signs In Our Yard..."

    Thanks for a job well done! You were referred to us by friends - lucky us! We Never Put Signs In Our Yard - I am Leaving Your Sign Up - Work Was Great - Employees Too!!

    - Mike S. Fairfield, OH
  • "Greg Gray and all the guys were professional & polite!"

    I greatly appreciate all the guy's hard work and dedication and would recommend Ray St. Clair Roofing for their excellent work. Greg Gray and all the guys who worked on the roof were professional and polite!

    - Stan P. Cincinnati, OH
  • "I will use this company again!"

    I am very pleased with the work that was done! The professionalism and quality of work I had done before is why I chose Ray St. Clair Roofing for my roofing and gutter replacements.

    - Michael S. Cincinnati, OH
  • "Ray St. Clair Set the Standards for Home Repairs!"

    My roofing and chimney needs were met by RSC! Their excellent work and prompt service made it an easy decision. It was so nice to have work done on your home in a reliable, professional manner. Ray St. Clair sets the standards for home repairs!

    - Sandra L. Hamilton, OH
  • "TV Ads and Reputation - brought us to Ray St. Clair..."

    TV Ads and Reputation - brought us to Ray St. Clair. Your salesman/presenter visits and phone calls and his patience with me helped me to choose Ray St. Clair. Very courteous reactions to all my questions, concerns and calls!

    - Nancy A. Cincinnati, OH
  • "Reputation and Great Scores on Angie's List..."

    We could not have been happier with the finished work that your men did on our roof job! Angie's List is what led us to Ray St. Clair.

    - Joyce G. Milford, OH
  • "It only made sense to call Ray St. Clair..."

    You did work for us before and for other relatives - it only made sense to call Ray St. Clair once again. Upon arrival, your men got right to work. They were quick, professional and friendly. The old roof made a mess but your men cleaned up every bit. We chose Ray. St. Clair Roofing for our roofing and gutter needs.

    - Richard K Covington, KY
  • "Company that has been around for a long time..."

    Ray St. Clair completed the roof replacement that I needed - I really loved the crew that did the work - the team leader was a great communicator and good listener - kept me up to date with the plans and the schedule. All did a great job! They are a large company that has been around for a long time - I knew if I had problems they'd still be here to go back to and stand by their work!

    - Mary S. Park Hills, KY
  • "What I Am Interested In Over Price!"

    We have been past customers of Ray St. Clair with our Roof and Attic Insulation. When we needed gutter protection we came to RSC for the Gutter Helmet -- their past work and customer service is what I am interested in over price! Our neighbors are now interested in having their roof and other work completed by Ray St. Clair.

    - Donald W. Amelia, OH
  • "We Have Used Ray St. Clair for Over 20 Years..."

    For over 20 years Ray St. Clair has been doing our roofing work. Good Work and Reputation, Excellent Personal Service and Angie's List has kept us coming back again and again.

    - Joan L. Cincinnati, OH
  • "Roots in the Community Gives Confidence..."

    Quality of work confirmed by Angie's List ratings made our decision an easy one for our Roof Replacement needs! Others were offering work at lower pricing, but we did not want to sacrifice quality when fixing our roof. Roots in the Community Gives Confidence! Overall, a very positive experience.

    - Van O, Milford, OH
  • "Extremely hard-working..."

    Brian was the team leader and he and the team were awesome! Extremely hard-working, conscientious to detail and very polite! Brian deserves a pat on the back for this job!

    - Jim and JoAnne B.
  • "Very pleased with the work of your crews..."

    Very pleased with the work of your crews. And particularly impressed by the way you responded to an accident that caused some scratches to our automobile. George Manning has been so very helpful. We have mentioned your work to several people already!! Thanks again.

    - Tom S.
  • "They were friendly and professional..."

    We were both very pleased with the two gentlemen who spent 1 – 5 days replacing the gutters. They were friendly and professional and answered all our questions. They were courteous and hardworking. Gary Davidson – the estimator – was very thorough. The digital pictures were very helpful too! I appreciated that your “quality control” check person stopped by and asked if I had any questions. Very impressed by the clean-up and neatness. Did not meet the people who installed the skylight but they did a very nice job. No dirt inside the house from their work! Thank You!

    - Frank S.
  • "Thank-You to the "tarping crew"..."

    A very special Thank-You to the "tarping crew" on 3/31/09. Dustin , Deana and Angie who held the shingle sample next to the sample of my siding for a perfect match and all of her hard work. Mark with the permit (city), Kevin for overseeing perfection and the extreme makeover roofing crew: Carl, Tony and Mandarin. My landscaping was covered for the tear-off/not one nail left behind. It's like magic = old disappears / new appears, with absolutely no trace of the transformation. I'm extremely particular and you more than exceeded my expectations. Thank-you for your honesty, or professionalism, promptness, patience, and always going the extra mile and beyond. My roof is beautiful – my house now looks like a page in a magazine and I know it won’t leak because you did it! It’s always a pleasure to work with you and your team. Please extend the pat on the backs that are so deserving! Thank you!

    - Bev K.
  • "Job well done..."

    I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the kindness, professionalism, wisdom, knowledge, expertise and such outstanding customer service. Everyone from the front desk receptionist to everybody in the office, scheduling, operations and all the hard workers who came out to our home to fix and put a new roof on did a remarkable job. As a matter of fact each and everyone worked extremely hard, fast and accurate. All were very pleasant. Terry, Missy, Deanna, Alyssa, Angie: great talking to you. Gary, it was great meeting you and talking to you on the phone. Josh, it was a pleasure meeting you at the end. Terry, Nice meeting you as well. Job well done.

    Kevin, thanks for all your help and also for updating and keeping us informed when calling our house. Finally, Mark - thanks so Much for your kindness and cooperation. It has been a pleasure as well.

    - JoAnn T. and Family
  • "Thank You for the Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets..."

    I wanted to express my personal thanks and appreciation for the complimentary Cincinnati Reds baseball tickets that You sent me a couple of weeks ago. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed today's game at Great American Bal Park (all 14 innings of it)!

    More to the point, I want to thank you also for the quality work that Ray St. Clair Roofing, Inc. has performed on our family home in Bridgetown. Normally, working with any type of home repair contractor is an exercise in personal frustration. However, You and your employees seem to take exceptional pride in customer satisfaction - that trait appears very rarely in our current Society today.

    As you know, we have an exceptionally large roofing area that was severely damaged during the September, 2008 storm. Working through extremely adverse weather conditions during the winter, your crews persevered in completing this job as quickly as possible. Also, your crews have installed three sections of gutter helmet, have blown insulation into the attic area above our Garage, have repaired brick and mortar damage on the exterior, and have sealed all of the windows around the house.

    Please be assured that I will call upon Ray St. Clair Roofing again in the future, when home repairs need to be accomplished. Additionally, I will be more than happy to provide a strong, personal recommendation to any of my friends and neighbors who Need quality work performed by competent workers.

    - Rex W. S.
  • "They all were very polite and cleaned up very good..."

    Just want to let you know how pleased I am with my roof and chimney. A compliment to all your workers and inspectors Josh and Bill. They all were very polite and cleaned up very good.

    - Mrs. G
  • "Thank you for a job well done!"

    Steve and I just want to tell you how pleased we are with the job of Richard Finn's crew. They Were very professional and considerate of our home and landscaping. They would let us know what time They planned to arrive of a morning and leave each day, keeping us apprised of the work along the way. Jobs always take longer than anticipated, but then never rushed through just to get the job done. One would Have never known that we had shingles torn off, as the crew kept the debris cleaned up and hauled away on a Daily basis. Final cleanup was very meticulously accomplished, paying careful attention to our home and landscaping. The customer service training showed as each and every one of the workers aimed to please!

    - Steve and Barbara Yeary
  • "Thank You for the Beautiful Roof..."

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful roof your work crew put on my 75 year old tudor type home in Bond Hill (Cincinnati). A big, big job, 3 layers of old shingles and the underneath sheeting – all had to be removed.

    The house is high, with pitches and valleys. It was interesting to see the professional workmanship and work ethics of the 4 men crew on the top and "Tim" on the ground. I especially appreciated how thorough they cleaned up debris around the base and ground every day at quitting time and hauled it away.

    I had written the names of the workmen but have misplaced them since. It was the men who worked with "Tim" on the entire job. If you would be so kind as to get their names, and thank them again for me.

    Also, I must mention the gutters were well done and old ones replaced with new ones in keeping with the style of the home and identical to the original ones. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for such a big job well done. A truly beautiful roof!

    - Martha K.
  • "Courtesy, Knowledge and Experience..."

    By way of introduction, I am Jerry Greager, a past, a present and if the need arises, a future customer.

    My reason for writing is to compliment your great crews. They were all very pleasant and customer concerned. I was impressed with their courtesy, knowledge and experience in their respective jobs. Their efficiency was outstanding. My abundant thanks to the following:

    Terry and Mike - insulation and roof vents installation.

    Leon and Betty - despite their own house fire problems, they are to be commended for their composure and efficiency in performing what I believe was an excellent and complete siding and gutter helmet installation.

    Dan Sheehan - who was thoroughly informative and knowledgeable. I was impressed with his professionalism. He has my special gratitude and thanks for what I believe was an excellent installation.

    George Manning - who confirmed my beliefs that the job was well done.

    Again, my thanks to all. Here's hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas and the best of everything in the New Year.

    - Jerry G.
  • "I am a Believer..."

    I want to thank you for the absolute quality service you provided. Not only did Gary Davidson show up on time to inspect the roof, but he was pleasant, informative, professional and very efficient.

    Not only that, but the work crew came while I was away and I would never have known they had been here. Everything was cleaned up, and so far, there is no leak.

    In this day and age quality service is hard to come by. I had heard from various sources that Ray St. Clair Roofing was the best in town. I'm always skeptical of those kinds of comments. Now, however, I am a believer.

    - Michael S.
  • "No Wasted Time..."

    The workers that installed our roof starting September 4, 2007 were courteous, did their work and answered any questions we had for them. They also worked hard and didn't stand around wasting time. They got the job finished. The inspector that came (Bill) was also courteous and answered all the questions we had. We are pleased with the work.

    - Mr. & Mrs. Harold H.
  • "Quality is Most Important..."

    The quality inspection was one of the reasons I chose Ray St. Clair. I work in an industry where quality is most important. When the estimator told me about the quality inspection, that told me Ray St. Clair cared about how the job was completed.

    - Carol B.
  • "Professional Service from Start to Finish..."

    What I valued mostly was how professional the entire job was handled, from estimating through construction and finally the final check. All workers were friendly, seemed very concerned that we were satisfied with the work and the clean-up was great.

    It was evident that the company is concerned for the customer's satisfaction and it shows in the people that they employ. I can say without a doubt that my wife and I are very satisfied with the job which was done.

    - Joseph B.
  • "Everything Was Positive..."

    Everything about our experience with Ray St. Clair was positive. The person I spoke with first was well informed, friendly and helpful. Then the estimator came our to see what we needed. He was well informed, explained everything he planned to do and answered all my questions.

    The folks who did the work left the yard immaculate --WOW! Thank you!

    - Tom and Amanda W.
  • "Great Work on Vinyl Siding and Gutters..."

    Just wanted to pass on what a great job the Turner and Huff crew did on our siding, gutters and etc. The same goes for the crew that did our roof! We will be spreading the word about how great your company and workers are! Job well done!

    - Bob and Sandy T.
  • "Board Members Praise Roof Repair..."

    Thank you for your time on Wednesday, February 15 th to discuss the community wide roof repairs at Pine Run Condominiums. We rely on your expertise, professionalism and knowledge, which are very much appreciated.

    As a Board, it is helpful for contractors to explain the process and reasoning of necessary repairs. With the extent of the roof repairs over the years, it was very helpful to have a professional explain the situations that our community faces.

    Please pass our gratitude to your fellow employees at Ray St. Clair. We look forward to continuing our relationship with your company in the future.

    - For the Board of Trustees
    Pine Run Condominium Owners Association
  • "Keep Up the Good Work..."

    I am writing to commend your firm on the fine and excellent job recently completed on my home. It is not often these days that one can praise a company in the manner in which yours deserves. In every step of the job from Sales to Construction to Quality Control, everyone involved deserves praise.

    Tom Little in describing the products offered and the labour involved never attempted to mislead me on either the price or quality nor attempted to sell me anything I did not need. He explained in detail the superb quality of the products and the skilled labour that would be employed in the project. His knowledge of the products, dedication to the firm and honesty impressed me very much.

    I did not realize how accurate his description of the quality of the work would be until I saw the finished result. The work performed by Dale Michael (foreman), Rick Brown and Dwayne Sizemore was indeed the work of true craftsmen. Mr. Michael went out of his way to see that I would be truly pleased with the end product. I might also add that this was not an easy job and presented many challenges which were met in a truly professional manner. The Quality Control Supervisor Jim Rhodes did a fine job of co-ordinating the project. He was always available for me any time I had a question and whatever he said I knew I could trust implicitly.

    Your firm has an excellent reputation and it is easy to see why. I am proud to have your sign in front of my home and intend to keep it there as long as it holds together (feel free to bring over a new one when ever you wish). You may use the "before" and "after" photographs taken by Mr. Little in your sales book along with this letter.

    Best wishes to you and your company; "keep up the good work" as they say.

    - David D.
  • "Beyond the Call of Duty..."

    Despite our aggravation with the SunTek skylight condensation we had initially experienced, we have nothing but good things to say about the Ray St. Clair roofing staff. The team that installed our windows was courteous and thorough.

    And, of course, we can't say enough good things about Bill Childers in your Quality Control department. He visited the job site several times to discuss our concerns and to make sure the window was installed correctly to prevent leaking. When we discovered the reason for the condensation, he explained what he thought would fix the problem and ultimately he was the man to complete the job. He went beyond the call of duty by installing drywall, foam insulation, and trim work to our new skylights. It was work we weren't prepared to do, so we are grateful Ray St. Clair came through for us by having Bill do the work.

    It is unfortunate that we ran into complications due to the design of the window itself. However, we couldn't be more pleased with the way Ray St. Clair handled the situation and with the professional finishing job done by Bill. Most importantly, you and your team stepped up immediately when you had a customer issue.

    Thank you for making us satisfied customers! We will certainly recommend Ray St. Clair to our friends with roofing and skylight repair needs.

    - Michael and Suzanne S.
  • "'Terrific Trio' Worked Hard..."

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful crew you have working for your business. The "TERRIFIC TRIO" who worked so hard at my house for the last two weeks deserve at least a thank you, in writing, from a very satisfied customer.

    These guys showed up at 8:00 every morning and worked very hard all day, with only a brief lunch break. They never goofed off, never displayed anything but a pleasant and professional attitude. I could not believe a construction crew could be SO POLITE, and so accommodating, they even put up with my two big dogs in the back yard every day (I think I owe one of them a pair of gloves that Bridget chewed up).

    Several years ago, we had a friend named Ken Powers who worked for you briefly and he spoke so highly of your company, that is why I called you to get my house updated with siding. I did not even call anyone else for estimates, I knew that, as a single woman, I needed someone I could trust, a company who would stand behind the work done. Several people in the neighborhood have stopped by to say how nice the house looks, I hope you get some new business as a result of the work done here.

    Again, back to the point, please give those three guys an extra pat on the back for the fine way they represented your company. There was a fourth man on Sunday, who was just as polite as the other three. Despite the noise and temporary mess they created, I miss them and I truly felt like I was losing three sons when they left; you should be very proud of them.

    - Elizabeth J.
  • "I just had to share this with you – and let you know why Ray St. Clair Roofing is the best!"

    We discovered some cracked brick on our home – of course, my first call was to Ray St. Clair Roofing. Dave came to our home – a true professional – took pictures and examined the problem.

    After a week, get this – he called and suggested we call a mason – how about that. What company would ever admit this job wasn’t for them. We did. But we will always make Ray St. Clair Roofing our very first call. We were truly impressed with their honesty.

    - Andy Furman
Ray St. Clair team Ray St. Clair team