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Our Team

Production Team

This office is truly the core of all operations. Our production team is responsible for constant communication with our customers. They handle all scheduling, ordering and confirming with our customers, crews and suppliers.

Quality Control Team

This team supports the continuous success of our company and it's reputation. They do this by enforcing our company's quality workmanship procedures set forth and inspect that these procedures are carried out each and every day. Your appointed Quality Control Representative will do a final inspection on your project to verify that everything was completed as per your contract and you are a satisfied customer.

Ray St. Clair's production and quality control team is ready to help you schedule your next project

Production Team and Quality Control


Professional, helpful, caring and polite all come to mind when describing our Administrative Office. They handle all incoming inquiries; from setting appointments, preparing estimates to answering questions about our services. They are at your service with a smile.

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60 Years Servicing Cincinnati

Ray St. Clair's administration staff is ready to help you schedule your appointment or answer any questions


Project Coordinators (Problem Solvers)

Estimators, not salesmen. Our salary based estimators will always be honest and find a solution to your problem without pressure or obligation. They each have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field in Residential and/or Commercial jobs.

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videoStar 64 - ASK THE EXPERT / Fall 2016 - The company with Problem Solvers / not just Sales Individuals

Ray St. Clair's sales team is ready to help you schedule your next project

Estimators / Project Coordinators


Most customers are not aware that roofing is a non-licensed trade in our Tri-State area. This means anyone with a truck and ladder can become a contractor which can create the potential for a bad experience that you will want to forget. We have set our own high standards and raised the bar in our hometown. All of our installers have been trained as per all manufacturer's specifications and all company installation standards. We have on-going updated training sessions to keep them in the forefront of this ever-changing industry.

Ray St. Clair's installers are ready to help you complete your next project