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About Ray St. Clair Roofing

Ray St. Clair Roofing, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. Our company was founded in 1954 by Raymond A. St. Clair. Ray was in the roofing business with his father Walter St. Clair and two brothers beginning in the 1930s.

Being a determined and hardworking young man, Ray decided to pursue his dream and started his own roofing company known as Ray St. Clair Roofing with one truck and a crew of three in 1954.

The family tradition of Commitment to satisfying our customers and providing quality workmanship was set.

Ray's son, Raymond J. St. Clair, began working part-time and summers at the age of 16. He joined the company full-time in 1970 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati. In 1980, Ray J. St. Clair took over the daily operations from his father due to his illness with Alzheimer's. With a tremendous amount of hard work, the company began to see signs of growth and prosperity. Ray's son Kevin joined the team in the late 80s starting out as his father did 'Up on the Roof.' "We both know that our many successes have come from learning this industry with our own bare hands and working as hard and as long as needed for the livelihood of the business and all who make it possible!" Now, nearly 28 years later, Kevin has taken over the controls from his father and all are excited about celebrating Ray St. Clair Roofing's 64th year in business! Over 60 years trusted service seal

"Roofing is a complicated and demanding trade, but thanks to YOU, our customers, we have thrived and grown over the past 60 plus years. Thank You All Once Again!"

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