Reputable Contractors

Choosing a Reputable Contractor

When the time comes for you to invest in home improvement of any type, it pays to remember one thing: All contractors are not alike.

Most home owners are not aware that roofing is a non-licensed trade in the Tri-state area. This means that anyone with a truck and ladder can become a contractor which may create the potential for a bad experience that you will like to forget. We have set our own high standards and raised the bar in our hometown. All of our installers have been trained as per all manufacturer's specifications and all company installation standards. We have on-going updated training sessions to keep them in the forefront of this ever-changing industry. Each have been trained by Road to Safety Company to follow OSHA required standards for their safety.

Be careful before you entrust your home or building to a stranger. Cheapest is often not the best. Find a contractor you can trust. Ray St. Clair Roofing Company has protected more than 70,000 homes and businesses. We are still serving some of our very first customers!

In an attempt to stay current with changes in roofing technology and to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our roofing operations, we are members of the Tri-State Roofers Association, Ohio Roofing Contractors Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association.

In addition to many homeowners and businesses in the surrounding Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and South East Indiana areas our customers include Eagle Realty, Bethesda Hospital, Christ Hospital, WCPO, Sun Chemicals, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Meiers Wine, WLW, WKRC, Cincinnati Milacron, Hamilton County Park District and Towne Properties. We apply roofing on homes, schools, factories, shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, churches and warehouses.

We install numerous types of roofing systems including single ply, metal, tile and fiberglass shingles.

The decision to buy a new roof or begin a roofing repair is a major one, so join our thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted their roofs to the Ray St. Clair Roofing Family. If it has a roof, we can repair, replace and / or enhance your current roof system.